CMAS Speciality Cards

Oct 2, 2017 |

If you often scuba dive abroad then being a member of the SAA brings the advantage of also being part of CMAS, the internationally recognised World Underwater Federation.

A selection of CMAS Speciality Cards are now available to those SAA divers holding the appropriate diving qualifications. These cards are the ideal way to easily show diving operators and buddies on overseas trips you’re skilled in the speciality. Easy to store and internationally recognised, we think many of our members will agree these are certainly worth having in your dive log book.


Speciality Cards are now available for Dry-Suit, Nitrox, Rescue and Self-Reliant Divers. Applying for one is easy – complete the form and send in to the SAA and we’ll get your new CMAS card out to you. A charge of £15 is applicable for each card.

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The Sub-Aqua Association (SAA) is a recognised diver training agency in the UK which meets BSI standards. The training is delivered by volunteers who give up their time for free, because they want to pass on a love of diving.


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