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Nov 12, 2017 |

Scuba Diver magazine is offering a free subscription to all young scuba divers until their 19th birthday.

Scuba Diver magazine recognises the importance of welcoming young divers to the world of scuba diving and as such they’re now offering all young divers a free subscription to their magazine up to their 19th Birthday.

A great source of inspiration

We’re sure you’ll all agree, scuba diving magazines not only provide inspiration in dive sites in the UK and overseas, they’re also a great place to see details and read reviews of dive kit. With many articles covering various areas of the sport, dive magazines offer great inspiration to all divers.

Scuba Diver has decided offer of a free subscription to young divers is a fantastic way of showcasing the world of diving which is now open to them. They will be able to read about achievements and dives from experienced divers, providing a valuable insight in to our amazing sport.

An initial 6 months subscription

Young divers under the age of 19 are now able to benefit from a 6 month renewable free subscription to Scuba Diver magazine. It’s the publication’s way of congratulating younger divers on joining the scuba diving fraternity and to open their eyes to the amazing sights now available to them as divers.

Scuba Diver magazine provides fantastic coverage of all agency diving both in UK waters and overseas, covering all aspects of our wonderful sport. Share the news with young divers in your club so they can benefit from this great offer.

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