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OutOfTheDecompressionMatrixCover Out of the Decompression Matrix

If you are looking for information on diver behaviour and decompression, whether it be for upcoming diver grade exams, brushing up on diving knowledge or a general interest, then take a look at ‘Out of the Decompression Matrix’.

It provides an analytical approach to diver behaviour and decompression. It offers practical guidance on good diving behaviour and clear advice on decisions faced by all divers before, during and after every dive.
In addition to traditional decompression theory, the book examines decompression avoidance strategies, use of personal computers, multi-level diving, and buoyancy and ascent management. Further chapters provide detailed information on gas management, risk assessment and decompression illness, from denial to recognition and treatment.

Order your copy from AquaPress at the following link, priced £24.99

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