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A founder member of the Sub-Aqua Association, Leo John Zanelli died peacefully in his sleep on the 5th January 2017.

Leo was a journalist, author and editor with titles including; British Sub Aqua Diving Manual, Underwater Swimming, Shipwrecks Around the World – A Divers Guide, Underwater World and Sub Aqua Scene.

Developing a passion for scuba diving in the 1950's Leo attained First Class Diver and National Instructor and went on to be the National Diving Officer of the British Sub Aqua Club.  He was involved in the training of the first Metropolitan Police diving unit.

He was a founder of the Sub-Aqua Association, becoming the Chairman.  The idea for the Association was as simple and it was pragmatic – grow your own skills, knowledge and experience.  The basic concept of the SAA that Leo promoted along with another founder, Len Charlton was self-help, keep it simple and go diving.

Leo's wife Marie, who he married in September 1963, passed away on the 19th January 2014 he is survived by his two sons Mark aged 52 and Craig 49 and his grandchildren Laurance and Isabelle.  Our sincerest heartfelt thoughts go to Leo's family.

Colin Bryan
SAA Chair


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