New diver knowledge and exam questions

Feb 8, 2017 |

New exam papers and questions available for all diver grades. 

We have now introduced a new set of exam papers and questions. All Diving Officers now have access to not only completed exam papers for each diver grade, but also a set of individual questions for each section within that diver grade. It is up to each Diving Officer how they use this new facility; using the papers provided or making new exam papers using the questions provided. Each diver grade lists how many questions need to be set from each section. This does not negate the Diving Officer’s prerogative to set their own exam papers.

If anyone would like to add their own questions to the list, or have suggestions to improve this, please let me know at

If you wish to use this facility please either call or e-mail head office with your details. Please note that this information will only be sent to club Diving Officer’s

Gary Asson, National Diving Officer


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