It is less than two months for all SAA members to get their nomination into the SAA Award’s Committee. 

The SAA is made up of volunteers who put in an incredible amount of work in running clubs, courses, regions and the SAA nationally. There are some people who always seem to be putting in that extra effort over and above everyone else or going far beyond the minimum requirements of their roles. Now is your chance to acknowledge the efforts of these people. 

You can say “a big thank you” to those hard-working Regional Instructors, Club Officers, and Instructors, divers, clubs and regions that you’ve been able to rely on throughout the year by nominating them for an SAA Award.

Awards Available

Awards available include: Sub-Aqua Certificates. – Gold, silver and bronze, Golden Club, Golden Region, George Arnold Trophy for Conservation, The Kenn Tyler Trophy for Instruction, SAA Medallion for Life saving, The Zanelli Charlton Award, Certificate of Appreciation. In addition the SAA Awards recognise achievements in Archaeology and Conservation. 

Awards Criteria

The awards criteria are available from Head Office or by clicking here

Nomination deadline

The recommended deadline for accepting nominations is 28 days prior to the National Council Meeting (NCM) before the SAA AGM. The date of the NCM is 3rd March 2018 and so the recommended deadline is Friday 2nd February 2018. There is an application form which makes it easy to forward nominations. Nominations can be made by email or in writing and sent to Head Office.

Awards Committee

The SAA Awards Committee for 2017 will consist of Mark Berrill (VC), John Gough (EO), Irene Sartorius plus one other member from the National Council.


John Gough, Executive Officer

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