Annual General Meeting

May 30, 2017 |

The Annual General Meeting was held at The Palace Hotel in Buxton this year giving members the opportunity to visit this pretty spa town after the day’s business was concluded. The meeting was chaired by the outgoing chairman Colin Bryan with a good turnout of clubs in attendance. Various topics were discussed in the open forum before the Awards for the years 2016 – 2017 were presented.


Individual members and clubs are able to nominate those they believe are worthy of recognition from the SAA for going above and beyond. The awards were presented by outgoing chairman Colin Bryan after the formal business of the AGM had concluded.

Ceri Jones
Zanelli Charlton Award 

Ceri has been the Regional Representative for the SAA in Wales over the last few years during which time he has run many regional courses and shared his knowledge of diving with SAA members in the area. Known for his training skills and willingness to develop divers, Ceri has strongly promoted the SAA and is a much-admired member of the association. His enthusiasm and passion for diving and the SAA is infections; he is an active member of the SAA Council and represented the association when WASAC folded.

Ceri is pictured receiving his award from Colin Bryan (r).

Barry Mulcahy
Bronze Certificate

For the last 11 years Barry has been the Eastern Regional Representative for the SAA during which time he has been an active promoter of the association. Not only has he worked on regional courses in his own region, he has also helped with the running of courses in other regions. Barry has worked hard to support SAA clubs in his area as well as developing Open Water Instructors to become Regional Instructors in both the eastern region and others.

The bronze certificate was given in recognition of his commitment to the SAA across the regions.

Pictured receiving his award from Colin Bryan (r).

Janice Roach
Silver Certificate

Janice has been a member of the SAA since 1989 and has been the Regional Representative for Yorkshire and Humberside for the last 8 years. She has previously held various roles within the association and her commitment to the SAA, diving, training and safety has been much appreciated over the years.

Janice has decided to step down from her regional role and this award was presented in recognition for her commitment and dedication to clubs, her region and the SAA as a whole.

Pictured receiving her award from Colin Bryan (l).

Stefan Heathfield – South East Region
Golden Region Award

Stefan was presented with this award as an acknowledgement for the outstanding work he has done to build and develop the South East Region within the SAA. He has worked hard to train and develop members and grow the region, working very closely with clubs and individual members. His tireless enthusiasm knows no bounds and his dedication is evident.

Pictured receiving his award from Colin Bryan (r).

Llantrisant Sub Aqua Club
Golden Club Award

The Llantrisant Sub Aqua Club is a growing club running regular Try Dive events to encourage new members. Their weekly pool training sessions are very well attended and the club is committed to developing members. With their 2 club RIBS weekends often see club members visiting various dive sites as well as organised club trips to foreign waters.

In recent years, this dive club has become more involved in raising awareness of scuba diving as a sport in their local area. This includes attending local festivals, submitting articles to local newspapers and being very active on social media. Their leaflets, on display in local areas, work hand in hand with posters to promote their club.

Stuart Bryan
The George Arnold Trophy – Conservation

Stuart has been an advisor to the SAA for underwater archaeology for over a quarter of a century during which time he has been at the forefront of promoting the safeguarding of our underwater heritage and the conservation of our war graves. This has been achieved through the ‘Respect our Wrecks’ programme, as a member of the committee on the Joint Nautical Archaeology Policy Committee and working along with the Receiver of Wrecks for many year.

Stuart has an excellent working relationship with all the other diving organisations and is a true ambassador for the ideals of the SAA.

Pictured receiving the award, from Colin Bryan (r)

Colin Bryan

Colin started working with the SAA at a regional level back in 1994 and has held the position of Chairman of the association for a total of four terms. In addition to this he was Vice Chair for 1 year, National Diving Officer for 2 years and Regional Representative for 2 years. After a total of 13 years as Chairman of the SAA, Colin retired from the position at the Annual General Meeting.

In addition to his work within the SAA, Colin has been an active member of the diving community working to ensure safe standards throughout Europe and the rest of the world. For 8 years he was on the Board of Directors for CMAS and for 4 years was Chair of the BSI Mirror Group for Diving Standards.

Colin has been a leading figure in the diving community and his enthusiasm, commitment and dedication is much admired. His desire to develop divers and the SAA was an inspiration to so many. His hard work over the years has been greatly appreciated as he shaped the SAA and helped the association move forward. Looking back we don’t know how he managed to fit in working full time with all his diving commitments!

Colin was presented with an award of appreciation by incoming Chairman Dennis Tammadge

Awards presented to those who were unable to be present on the day include. 

Wendy Holt – SAA Medallion

During the summer of 2016, whilst in her work canteen, Wendy did not hesitate to rush to the aid of one of her co-workers who was suffering a heart attack. Her actions were exemplary; she very calmly took control of the situation and made sure her colleagues called the emergency services. Wendy administered CPR and First Aid, resuccitiating the patient twice, so when the medical team arrived he was breathing and in the recovery position. Wendy’s ability to draw on her training and keep calm in such a pressure filled situation is amazing.

Martin Adshead – Certificate of Appreciation

Martin is the Diving Officer of the North Wales Sub Aqua Club where is hardwork and selflessness is appreciated. Providing weekly training in a friendly and reassuring manner combined with his determination and commitment to weekly training are just a few of the reasons he was nominated for this award. Martin’s words of wisdom, passion and enthusiasm lead all students to strive for perfection in their diving and he is truly an asset to the SAA.

Mark Blackshaw – Gold Award

Mark has dedicated much of his time  to the SAA over the years and has recently retired from the position of Executive Officer on the National Council. This award was presented in recognition of all he has done during this time to help raise awareness of the SAA and developing the association.

If you would like any additional information relating to the above, please contact:-

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